Lenora schools

About Us

Welcome! LENORA extends a warm welcome to your family and hopes you’ll form an in-depth and rewarding association with our school. MRS. AURIEL EARL launched LENORA in 2004 & since then have rapidly changed the face of daycare and Preschool education. At LENORA, the culture of a learning community is fostered through educational programs that make students, parents, and teachers very impressed. Our guideline is to supply educational excellence through vibrant teaching and stimulating learning programs in an affirming, secure, and structured learning environment. LENORA provides a developmental curriculum within a multi-age structure. This child-centered approach acknowledges that children learn at different rates and have preferred learning styles. The school provides an interesting and supportive environment, with engaging and challenging educational programs beyond the essential curriculum. We believe that children need a safe, secure, clean, and supportive environment in which they can grow and learn. We employ several innovative teaching techniques that impart knowledge and instill strong values into the kid to become responsible future citizens of the world. Along with traditional lessons, we will encourage our students to open their minds to a myriad of extracurricular activities like Music, Dance,vedic maths,calligraphy Abacus, Art and Craft, and games. We believe that our child finds their happy place in school. Our faculty and staff integrate diverse learning backgrounds and designs to make a varied teaching and learning environment within an innovative curriculum. Every Friday and Saturday we engage the children in learning and make hands-on activities that allow children to get creative while developing reading, writing, and learning skills. Every Sunday we conduct a parent-teacher meeting in our school so that every parent can find out about their child’s academic, emotional, and social development at school and also share information about their child.