Lenora schools

What we do

Every Friday and Saturday we engage the children in learning and make hands-on activities that allow children to get creative while developing reading, writing, and learning skills. Every Sunday we conduct a parent-teacher meeting in our school so that every parent can find out about their child’s academic, emotional, and social development at school and also share information about their child.

A smart play way method

We make our students should learn in a play-way method that helps the overall development of the child by developing in terms of feelings, intellect, and skills parameters.

Strong foundation for Children

In our school we make the first years of a child’s life lay the foundation for their future and that helps children need to read, write, develop physical abilities, and social skills.

Creative art and craft

In our school, we have introduced Art and craft activities that give children a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence and develops patience.

Abacus with Vedic mathematics

In our school, we have introduced Abacus with Vedic math’s that helps children to solve mathematical arithmetic’s in an easy and faster way and improves memory, and boosts self-confidence.


In our school, we have introduced calligraphy classes, so that children can learn how to write with calligraphy and create beautiful hand lettering. In this class, the teacher will help you to learn how to use calligraphy pens and basic strokes to practice making calligraphy fonts.


In our school we have introduced Yoga classes in schools will continue to expand, and that it will help students cultivate social, emotional, physical health, academic success, and a positive school climate.





Full fill their dreams

The idea of organizing a camp was to give shape to the children’s minds in such a way that once they have been shown the real world and they can continue to understand their society better and can implement the important learning’s in their own lives.

To be independent

Our teachers help the students to work independently while sitting in a school hallway that may teach students how to best structure their independent learning time.

To enjoy learning

Studying is an unpleasant task for most people but in our school, our teachers help those children, how to learn new things that can add new hobbies, accelerate their career and develop new points of pride and confidence.

Higher order thinking

In our school, our teachers help the students how to be in higher-order thinking that makes thinking on a level is higher than memorizing facts or telling something back to someone in an exact way.

To be responsible

In our school, our teachers organize classroom as well as learning resources to develop a positive learning atmosphere, and students free to express their opinions, feelings, and ideas.

To achieve excellence

Our school teachers help to improve the value and quality of education, educational leaders need to set discipline standards that make the value of all in attaining education.






Higher order thinking is thinking on a level that is higher than memorizing facts or telling something back to someone exactly the way it was told to you.

When a person memorizes and gives back the information without having to think about it, we call that rote memory.

That’s because it’s much like a robot; it does what it’s programmed to do, but it doesn’t think for itself.


Higher order thinking, or “HOT” for short, takes thinking to higher levels than restating the facts.

 HOT requires that we do something with the facts.

We must understand them, infer from them, connect them to other facts and concepts, categorize them, manipulate them, put them together in new or novel ways,

 and apply them as we seek new solutions to new problems. Following are some ways to access higher order thinking.