Lenora schools

Lenora Schools

Lenora Schools is now powered by Eduvate which is a global EdTech company which offers CBSE curriculum as per the NEP 2020 guidelines which will give a holistic development of every child. Every lesson will be embedded with a barcode where the child can recap the lessons taught in the classroom with the help of scanner.

Digital Classroom

Every classroom is equipped with a LED TV, in which the content related Videos will be played to get effective learning outcomes

Lenora – Learning Kits

We are providing award winning learning kits which gives an experiential learning to every child by doing content related activities. This experiential learning will significantly improve the effective learning outcomes in every child.

Public Speaking

We have introduced the most important and effective value addition learning “Public Speaking”. Good communication and public speaking skills are essential for success in various aspects. This will make your child a confident Speaker

At Lenora, We also provides Interactive books, In-Built Simulations, Conceptual Videos, Quizzes & Assessments, e-books, Videos & Presentations, Digital Classrooms with Smart TV etc.